Become a Member of MHA-A

MHA-A is prepared to respond to the need in our community with the help of members like you. Our small non-profit organization is ready to answer a mighty call to action from our community and we want you to be a part of it.

As you consider your membership with MHA-A, you can rest assured that you are a part of an organization that will:

  • Build a database of resources, information, and education for our community
  • Provide quality training and education on mental health
  • Collaborate with local partners to build healthier communities
  • Remain dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those who need us most

For more information, please contact us at (540) 886-7181 or


2020-2021 Members

(Membership dues paid November 30, 2020, or later are recognized on this list).

Jody Wagner
Doris Thompson
Mary Miller
Susan Sheets
Jeremy West
Barb Maclam
Ben Smoke
Hansford J. Johnson

Randall and Donna Houff
Gail S. Johnson
Carolyn Dull and Salome Baugher
The Desmond Clan
Jack Cowherd and Dr. Carol Shannon

Daniel and Linda Shreckhise
Steve and Jeanne Tabscott
Leonard and Julie Pittman
Rick Chittum
Doug and Karen Cochran
James Lott

Bob Snodgrass
Mickey and Michele DeCarr
Carolyn Marion

Mary C. Rainey
Paul and Martha Vames
Jack and Kathleen Wilkers
Carl Lind
Sharon S. Driscoll
Dr. Preston and Mrs. Jane Manning
Melissa Sheets
Saranna T. Rankin

Bronze Bell:
Sidney M. Supple
Teri R Sumey

Silver Bell:
Taylor Davis
Bruce Dorries
Robin Hawks

Platinum Bell:
Sandy Zamalis
Christopher and Crystal Graham
Brett and Kim Snyder
Ray A. Eavey
Dr. Robert and Sharon Driscoll