Additional Donors

(Donations made on or after November 30, 2020, are recognized on this list. We do not always receive notice of Facebook donations so please let us know if your name was left off this list in error.)

Zanny Bandy
Jody Beelendorf
Teresa Blackwell
Yolanda Blake
Marsha Tooley Berg
Paul Boyers
Deborah Brinkley
Sherrie Brown
Lisa Grasty Brubeck
Lora Cantwell
Tina Capuano
Sara Christopherson
Eddie Claytor
Kristin Cook
Mark Corum
Julie Crone
Lexi Dalton
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Driscoll
Jeff Fife
Michele Smith Fix
Charles Ferneyhough
Mary Frances
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Frye
David Garber
Shawn Garber
James Goalder
Helga Goodale
Donna Gum
Lynn Harris
Briget Hayes
Christopher Heck
Katie Horst
Andrea Jackson
Robert Johnson
Keri Jones
Irvin W. Judd
Teri King
Del. R. Steven Landes
Elizabeth Landes
James Lott
KerriBeth Rodgers Ludeman
Janet Lung
Kristina McMackin
Jack McClenahan
Lynn Randall Mitchell
Peggy Moore
Jean Morgan
Jethro W. Munford
Susan and Michael Myers
Stacy Narlis
Madelyn Netherland
Patricia S. O’Bannon Trustee
Elizabeth O’Hare
Claudia and Thomas O’Neill
Christine Parris
Vickie Parkinson
Dr. Thomas R Pereles
Eric Peterson
Jefferey Phillips
Barbara Prasse
Leigh Ann Quesenberry
Wendy Rea
Jake Sauer
Rebecca Shin
Kim Snyder
Alia Solomons
Cristin Campbell Sprenger
Carl Steidtmann
Robin and Lisa Stevenson
Kristi Williams