MHA-A welcomes six interns from MHA-A

Mental Health America of Augusta has partnered with Blue Ridge Community College to provide 6 internships for the spring semester. We are extremely excited to have the interns work on projects that will provide a lasting impact on our community.

Our interns this semester are:

  • Jenna Canterbury, Working on mental health screens in the schools
  • Victoria Alt, Working on resources for youth
  • Grace McNeal, Developing a resource database and overcoming the stigma of mental health
  • Ashley Robinson, Developing resources for physically disabled and homeless
  • Jazmyne Lashea Martin-McDonald, Working on resources for youth
  • Zac Winslett, Working on substance abuse resources for the homeless

For more information on internships with MHA-A, click here.


(Source: January 2021 MHA-A newsletter)