Sustainability Grant awarded to MHA-A

Mental Health America of AugustaMHA-A received a $5,386 sustainability grant from the city of Staunton and the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge to offset costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grants, which originate from CARES Act allocations to the city and Augusta County, were intended to support the sustainability of the local nonprofit sector which, along with for-profit businesses, have faced many financial challenges as a direct result of the pandemic.

Both Staunton and Augusta County partnered with the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge to administer their Nonprofit Sustainability Grants programs.

The grants reimburse eligible expenses, including costs associated with modifying organizations’ service models in order to ensure that the public could access their services.

“Every member of our nonprofit sector has had to overcome multiple obstacles this year, while the need for their services has been greater than ever,” noted Dan Layman, CEO of the Community Foundation. “We are incredibly proud of how they have responded to those challenges and worked together to create solutions for the greater good of our community.”

“The City of Staunton is proud to have been able to use a portion of our CARES Act funds so that nonprofits can continue the important work that benefits our entire community in so many ways,” affirms City of Staunton Mayor Andrea Oakes. “Throughout the duration of this public health crisis, their services have been and will continue to be more valuable than ever.”